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Evaluation of Applicability of Circular Normal Distribution to Fiber Orientations of Leather Materials for Sports Equipment

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  • スポーツ用皮革材料の繊維配向に対する循環正規分布の適用性評価


Fiber-reinforced materials such as natural leathers, artificial leathers, fiber-reinforced rubbers, and so on are widely used in the sports fields. Now, it is expected to develop the new artificial materials which have higher performance than the existing ones. However, fiber-reinforced material has reinforcing fibers in the body. Since the effect of fiber orientations, the mechanical property shows anisotropy. Also, the directions of the reinforcing fibers are dispersed. Due to the characteristics, it is difficult to predict the mechanical property of fiber-reinforced materials. Then, our research group proposed an anisotropic hyperelastic model of fiber-reinforced materials. The modeling was conducted to the mechanical characteristics of natural leathers. In order to consider the fiber orientation dispersion in the material, circular normal distribution was applied to the proposed model. In this paper, from the results of uniaxial tensile loading tests of natural leathers, fiber orientation dispersion was presumed by circular normal distribution. Also, numerical analyses were conducted and the applicability of circular normal distribution to the estimation of fiber orientation dispersion was evaluated.



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