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A Study on the Advantages of Seamless Crack Propagation Analysis for Discontinuous Displacement

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  • 不連続な変位場に対するシームレスき裂進展解析の優位性の検討


The contribution of this study is to evaluate advantages of seamless crack propagation analysis over two conventional approaches which differ in the numerical representation of the discontinuous displacement. One of the conventional approaches provides us to approximate the discontinuous displacement on finite element width by conventional finite element method combined with cohesive traction embedded damage-like constitutive law, which can be called as the approximate approach. The other approach allows us to realize exact discontinuity of displacement along with the crack opening by finite cover method enhanced with cohesive zone model (CZM) as is well known as the strong discontinuity approach. Furthermore, the new approach named as seamless crack propagation analysis permits us to seamlessly transit from the approximate approach to the strong discontinuity approach with theoretical consistency of CZM throughout the fracture process. We demonstrate the advantages of the seamless crack propagation analysis over the other two approaches by comparing mesh dependency of each crack propagation analysis.



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