Random Fatigue Life Prediction of Notched Plain Weave Quasi-Isotropic CFRP Laminates

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  • 切欠きを有する平織擬似等方CFRP積層板のランダム疲労寿命とその予測


A new methodology for predicting random loading fatigue life has been developed for notched composites by means of an anisomorphic constant fatigue life diagram that is constructed for any given notched configuration. For this purpose, the effect of random R-ratio loading on fatigue life of a quasi-isotropic woven fabric CFRP laminate with an open hole is studied. Two kinds of random R-ratio loadings, called horizontal random loading and MAX random loading, are performed on notched specimens at different stress ratios, respectively. It is shown that the anisomorphic constant fatigue life diagram constructed for the given notched configuration allows the accurate or slightly conservative predictions of fatigue life for the notched composite under the random fatigue loadings tested in this study.


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