Trends in Low-Temperature Circuit Technology to Control Quantum Bits for Large-Scale Quantum Computers

  • Yoshikawa Nobuyuki
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yokohama National University

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  • 量子コンピュータの大規模化に向けた量子ビット制御用低温回路技術の動向


<p>Recently the number of integrated superconductor qubits and the fidelity in the qubit control are rapidly advanced. Besides the quantum supremacy, which is a remarkable milestone for realizing a large-scale quantum computer, was verified. However, for further increase in the scale of the quantum computer, control circuits to manipulate and read out the qubit state at low temperatures are indispensable to reduce the number of wires connecting the qubits at low temperatures with electronics at room temperature. In this report, recent research activities on qubit control circuits operating at low temperatures are reviewed.</p>



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