Quantum Oscillations and Charge Neutral Fermions in Kondo Insulators

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  • 近藤絶縁体の量子振動と中性フェルミオン励起
  • コンドウ ゼツエンタイ ノ リョウシ シンドウ ト チュウセイ フェルミオン レイキ

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<p>All materials can be classified as metals or insulators. According to the standard textbooks of physics, metals are defined as materials possessing a Fermi surface. An unambiguous signature of the Fermi surface is manifested by the quantum oscillations in transport and thermodynamic quantities at high magnetic fields. In addition, the linear-in-temperature term observed in the specific heat and the non-zero offset found in the thermal conductivity divided by temperature provide compelling evidence of the gapless and itinerant excitations of fermionic quasiparticles. Here we uncovered, however, a profoundly controversial behaviors in so-called Kondo insulators, i.e. quantum oscillations in the insulating state and itinerant and gapless excitations of the fermionic quasiparticles. The present results of Fermi surface of insulators expose a novel dichotomy that characterizes the low-energy physics of this nontrivial quantum state of matter.</p>


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 76 (2), 87-92, 2021-02-05

    The Physical Society of Japan

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