Development of Criterion-referenced Measurement Items for Play Analysis of Top Players in Tennis Game

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  • 一流選手のテニスゲームのプレー分析のための達成度評価項目の開発
  • イチリュウ センシュ ノ テニスゲーム ノ プレー ブンセキ ノ タメ ノ タッセイド ヒョウカ コウモク ノ カイハツ

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The purpose of this study was to develop criterion-referenced measurement items for play analysis of top players in the game of tennis. The sample size was 752 shots, with 157 points, at a five-set match in the finals of the 2014 US Open Championship. The tactical play structure and the measurement items, with criteria, were constructed using qualitative causal-effect analysis by the Delphi technique, with the assistance of three tennis experts. The measurement item criteria were extracted using decision tree analysis with a CART algorithm. The characteristics of the criterion-referenced measurement items and test were statistically analyzed using item response theory (IRT) analysis with the two-parameter logistic model (2PLM). The resulting 26 criterion-referenced measurement items of the three play phases of serve, return, and rally were selected to be measured. In the three phases of tennis play, the play items were found to have local independence, unidimensionality and conformity to the 2PLM, as well as invariance of the item difficulty, item discrimination and ability values. The tennis play items constructed using the qualitative analysis conformed to the ICC of the 2PLM and constituted an achievement rating scale for play in the game of tennis. In conclusion, firstly, the tennis play of top players was divided into three main phases: the serve phase, the return phase and the rally phase. Second, the test items for assessing achievement in a tennis game were found to be unidimensional, fit to the 2PLM, and invariant to the estimates in each phase of play. Third, the achievement assessment tests of play in the game of tennis were found to be reliable, valid and fit for each phase of the test. Finally, the criterion for assessing the degree of achievement in tennis, consisting of item difficulty, was found to be valid.


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