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<p>Background:Whether all atrial fibrillation (AF) patients should be evaluated for sleep apnea before catheter ablation (CA) remains controversial. Watch-type peripheral arterial tonometry (W-PAT) is a home sleep testing device and an easier tool for diagnosing sleep apnea than polysomnography. We investigated the prevalence and predictors of sleep apnea using W-PAT in unscreened sleep apnea patients with AF before CA.</p><p>Methods and Results:The study was conducted under a retrospective, single-center, observational design. We included 776 consecutive patients who underwent both W-PAT and AF ablation. Sleep apnea assessments were successfully performed in 774 patients (99.7%; age 65±11 years, 73.3% male; body mass index [BMI] 24.1±3.5, 56.8% paroxysmal AF). The mean apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) was 20.1±15.6. Although 81.7% of the patients had normal Epworth sleepiness scores (mean 6.5), only 88 (11.4%) had a normal AHI (AHI <5) and 412 (53.2%) had moderate-severe sleep apnea (AHI ≥15). Obesity, male sex, nonparoxysmal AF, hypertension, and a left atrial diameter (LAd) ≥40 mm were predictors of moderate-severe sleep apnea. However, the prevalence of moderate-severe sleep apnea in patients without those predictors (i.e., non-obesity (44.2%), female sex (43.0%), paroxysmal AF (43.9%), no hypertension (45.5%)), and LAd <40 mm (41.0%) was considerably high.</p><p>Conclusions:Almost all patients successfully underwent W-PAT to diagnose sleep apnea. Patients undergoing AF ablation had a high prevalence of sleep apnea, and screening for sleep apnea was important in those patients even if they did not have sleepiness or risk factors.</p>


  • Circulation Journal

    Circulation Journal 85 (3), 252-260, 2021-02-25

    The Japanese Circulation Society

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