The world of plant organelles opened by serial section SEM

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  • 連続切片SEM法により広がる植物オルガネラの世界
  • レンゾク セッペン SEMホウ ニ ヨリ ヒロガル ショクブツ オルガネラ ノ セカイ

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<p>The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) produces images by scanning the sample surface with an electron beam to detect backscattered electrons and/or secondary electrons. SEM has been widely used for the imaging tiny structures that are difficult to observe with optical microscopes. In recent years, SEM has been improved on various kinds of parts such as detectors and electron guns and can be used for the analysis of biological samples like tissues and cells by improving sample preparation methods such as fixation, heavy metal staining, resin embedding and coating. In this article, we describe new techniques for small organisms, plant tissues and cells using SEM and introduce new findings obtained from this observation.</p>



    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 32 (1), 11-17, 2020

    The Japanese Society of Plant Morphology


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