Addressing Technology Generational Change Using Architectural Theory

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  • アーキテクチャ理論からみた技術世代変化への対応について
  • アーキテクチャ リロン カラ ミタ ギジュツ セダイ ヘンカ エ ノ タイオウ ニ ツイテ

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<p>In architectural theory, when the complex development process is viewed over time, management science posits a dichotomy between “architectural knowledge” and “component knowledge.” However, there are few papers that demonstrate the division between architectural knowledge and component knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate this phenomenon. Regarding the dynamics of product architectures during generational technology shifts in wireless communication technology, statistical analysis was conducted on the causal relationship between the number of patent applications for processors and Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitors and the number of patent applications for mobile phones. As a result, it was confirmed that in the process of technology generational change, there are two periods, one in which technological development is more focused inside the module and another in which technological development is conducted mainly around the module.</p>


  • Journal of Innovation Management

    Journal of Innovation Management 18 (0), 187-206, 2021-03-31

    The Research Institute for Innovation Management of Hosei University

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