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Micro Bubble Generation with Pressurized Droplet from Ultra Fine Bubble Water and Its Cleaning Effect

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  • ウルトラファインバブル水の加圧液滴化によるマイクロバブル生成とその洗浄効果について
  • ウルトラファインバブルスイ ノ カアツ エキテキカ ニ ヨル マイクロバブル セイセイ ト ソノ センジョウ コウカ ニ ツイテ

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<p>The tiny bubbles with diameters less than 1 μm are called ultrafine bubbles (UFB). And the application of UFB in agriculture, fishery and environment is highly anticipated. In this study, the changes in the properties of oxygen, 5% hydrogen (95% nitrogen), and nitrogen UFBs were investigated with droplet formation. The UFB water was ejected through the orifice nozzle (diameter: 280μm) and formed tiny droplets. Particularly in the case of oxygen UFB, a change in the distribution of the bubble size was observed. We observed higher microbubble concentration and smaller bubble size below 50μm in the sprayed UFB water compared with in the control distilled water. The distribution of oxygen UFB itself changed before and after spraying, and its diameter tended to be larger. In addition, its water contained more MB, which resulted in a higher cleaning effect.</p>


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