Research report of the large-scale public parks in the center area of Berlin after the reunification

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  • 再統一後のベルリン都心部における大規模市立公園の整備及び管理運営の方針と実態に関する調査報告
  • Analysis of policy trends and case study of the Park am Gleisdreieck
  • ベルリン市の政策の潮流理解とグライスドライエック公園の事例調査を基に


<p>The purpose of this study is to clarify the policy trends in public parks in Berlin after the reunification, using the Park am Gleisdreieck as a case study. A comprehensive literature review, field research and interview surveys revealed the following three points: 1) In Berlin, the quantitative and qualitative enhancement of the public park was planned and implemented in stages. 2) In the Park am Gleisdreieck, continuous public participation and public sector collaboration have led to the environmental protection and multiple uses for diverse generations. 3) Even if it can be understood that the public sector is proactively involved in the development and management of public parks in Berlin, the context and idea is still unclear.</p>



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