Creation of New Project of Aquaculture in the University of Magdalena, Colombia and the Role of JICA Partnerships with Universities in Volunteer Program by Dispatch of Student in Its Project


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  • コロンビア・マグダレナ大学での新たな養殖プロジェクト創出と学生派遣によるJICA大学間連携ボランティアプログラムの役割について


<p>In 2015, Kagoshima University and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) had the agreement that volunteer enterprise opportunities were undertaken in the Republic of Colombia. This report summarizes research on aquaculture technological development and improvement conducted at the Magdalena University, North Colombia. Since March 2016, three dispatch projects have been completed. Technical development training included the establishment of foundational larval rearing and brood stock management of marine species. For this, rotifers were collected from the brackish lake Ciénaga Grande. This formed an indispensable component of the research on initiating larval rearing of marine species. The collected rotifers were successfully cultured. For blood stock, the blue crab Callinectes sapidus was the species to choose. Berried female blue crabs were caught in from Ciénaga Grande and held until hatching. This paper reports the progress of the volunteer enterprise, as well as recommends points for further improvement and future steps.</p>


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