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Capture of flying insects by Black-tailed Gulls <i>Larus crassirostris</i> over inland and offshore areas

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  • 海上飛翔中のウミネコによる昆虫捕食とその同定
  • カイジョウヒショウチュウ ノ ウミネコ ニ ヨル コンチュウ ホショク ト ソノ ドウテイ

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<p>Omnivorous gulls (Laridae) are known to feed on insects. Few studies have reported, however, how, when, and where they do so. In this study, we attached a GPS-video logger to Black-tailed Gulls Larus crassirostris during the breeding season. Video recordings were obtained of gulls capturing flying insects over land and sea. Some insects were identified as Ichneumonidae, Camponotus and Lepidoptera. Future improvements to video loggers may allow us to further understand the importance of insects in the foraging strategies of gulls and the hitherto unknown relationship between gulls and insects.</p>



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