Neural Network Calculations at the Speed of Light Using Optical Vector-Matrix Multiplication and Optoelectronic Activation


<p>With the rapid progress of the integrated nanophotonics technology, the optical neural network architecture has been widely investigated. Since the optical neural network can complete the inference processing just by propagating the optical signal in the network, it is expected more than one order of magnitude faster than the electronics-only implementation of artificial neural networks (ANN). In this paper, we first propose an optical vector-matrix multiplication (VMM) circuit using wavelength division multiplexing, which enables inference processing at the speed of light with ultra-wideband. This paper next proposes optoelectronic circuit implementation for batch normalization and activation function, which significantly improves the accuracy of the inference processing without sacrificing the speed performance. Finally, using a virtual environment for machine learning and an optoelectronic circuit simulator, we demonstrate the ultra-fast and accurate operation of the optical-electronic ANN circuit.</p>



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