Development of a Walker Mower Appropriate for Use around Tree Trunks

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  • 樹冠下幹周部分の草刈作業に適した歩行型草刈機の開発
  • ジュカン カ カンシュウ ブブン ノ クサカリ サギョウ ニ テキシタ ホコウガタ クサカリキ ノ カイハツ

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<p>We developed two different types of mowers for orchards based on walker mowers designed for inclines. We also evaluated the mowers’ ability to save labor and reduce workload while mowing around tree trunks in apple fields. On examination, the mower was developed with a caster improving work efficiency by 40 % (compared with a brush cutter). The mower was developed with a swingable, offset mechanism which improved performance two-fold. When these mowers are used, harmful working postures were lower compared with brush cutters.</p>



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