Analytical solution of piggyback stacked dual transmission line model as an equivalent circuit of electrode for solid-electrolyte lithium ion secondary batteries

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  • 2段分布定数回路による全固体電池のLi析出抑制法の考察
  • 2ダン ブンプ テイスウ カイロ ニ ヨル ゼン コタイ デンチ ノ Li セキシュツ ヨクセイホウ ノ コウサツ
  • Application to reduce the Li metal deposition

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Solid-electrolyte batteries are attracting attention as post-lithium batteries. It is expected that solid-electrolyte batteries are highly safe because they do not use highly flammable organic solvents and can be charged quickly. However, in the current solid-electrolyte battery, metallic lithium is deposited on the negative electrode during quick charging, and a micro short circuit with the positive electrode has become a problem. We applied the method of piggyback stacked dual transmission line as an equivalent circuit of electrode for liquid-based LiB to solid-electrolyte battery, and succeeded in deriving its analytic function. Utilizing this, we searched for conditions to make the uniform current distribution in a short time, and found that the electron resistance to about 40 % of the ion resistance will be the best choice to prevent metallic lithium deposition.


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