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Thoughts on Local Life, Child-rearing and Support Needs of Japanese Mothers Staying in Jakarta : A Focus on the Representative Wives of 3rd or 4th Year-Staying There


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  • ジャカルタに住む日本人の母親の現地生活,育児とその支援への思い
  • ジャカルタに住む日本人の母親の現地生活,育児とその支援への思い : 滞在3・4年目の駐在員妻に焦点をあてて
  • ジャカルタ ニ スム ニホンジン ノ ハハオヤ ノ ゲンチ セイカツ,イクジ ト ソノ シエン エ ノ オモイ : タイザイ 3 ・ 4ネンメ ノ チュウザイイン サイ ニ ショウテン オ アテテ
  • —滞在3・4年目の駐在員妻に焦点をあてて—

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<p>Aim : The aim of this study was to clarify the thoughts on local life, child-rearing and support needs of Japanese mothers staying in Jakarta with a focus on the representative wives of 3rd or 4th year-staying there.</p><p>Method : We carried out semi-structured interviews of five Japanese mothers staying in Jakarta during September 2018. The data were analyzed using the qualitative synthesis method.</p><p>Result : Japanese mothers staying in Jakarta felt “concern about special life circumstances”. They experienced “a sense of uneasy about medical care and a change in correspondence” and they came to have “a feeling of expectation of child-rearing support”. Moreover, they came to develop a feeling of having adapted to the living environment. On the other hand, they had a sense of uneasiness about returning to Japan permanently. However, they came to have positive thoughts that “communication will be based on deep human relationships”.</p><p>Conclusions : It became clear that mothers’ thoughts on local life, child rearing, and support needs had above-mentioned structures. It is suggested that as life in Jakarta was prolonged, mothers adapted and gradually changed negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It is also suggested that as their permanent return to Japan approached, mothers developed the will to dispatch information, and gradually changed from being information receivers into information providers.</p>


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