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Optimal Operation Model for the Power System, Including Hydrogen Demand and Imported Hydrogen

  • Harada Kosuke
    ENEOS株式会社 中央技術研究所 早稲田大学先進理工学研究科電気・情報生命専攻
  • Yabe Kuniaki
  • Takami Hirofumi
    ENEOS株式会社 中央技術研究所
  • Goto Akira
    ENEOS株式会社 中央技術研究所
  • Sato Yasushi
    ENEOS株式会社 中央技術研究所
  • Hayashi Yasuhiro
    早稲田大学先進理工学研究科電気・情報生命専攻 早稲田大学スマート社会技術融合研究機構

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  • 輸入水素および国内製造水素の発電・直接利用を含む電源構成・需給最適化モデルの構築


This paper proposes a novel planning model for electricity-hydrogen energy system in consideration of imported hydrogen, hydrogen demand and renewable energy that is largely penetrated. The model is designed to reveal the optimal ratio of domestic and imported hydrogen production and uses non-linear variables such as start-up costs and partial load efficiency of thermal power generation plants with linear programming in an approximation manner. By using this model, the optimal power supply mix and hourly operation of the energy system in Kyushu, Japan in 2030 are explored. As the introduction of domestic renewable energy increases, domestically produced hydrogen will become more competitive than imported hydrogen, though the use of imported hydrogen is important for thorough decarbonization. The results show that the optimal solution is to use domestic or imported hydrogen up to the amount of surplus renewable energy and the hydrogen price.



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