Emerging Policy Entrepreneurs and Their Potential After the Great East Japan Earthquake

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<p>This study highlights new facts regarding the rise of local human resources during the policy decision process by reviewing policy entrepreneurs active in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Specifically, the study reviews these stakeholders concerning the definitions and frameworks of prior research as well as the discussed development of policy entrepreneurs. A policy entrepreneur has been defined as “an energetic actor that conducts collaborative efforts within and around the government to promote policy innovation.” This study provides a comparative analysis of how the five strategies, as a requirement for establishing policy entrepreneurs, have been used to implement policy changes. Two cases are selected to confirm the extent to which they have utilized their respective strategies. The results reveal that both individuals have become active at their respective national and local levels by adopting the five strategies, despite there being differences in the extent of adoption. The recognition of the new existence of “policy entrepreneurs” could offer great support and identity to NPOs in disaster-afflicted areas. Promoting policy entrepreneurship could present a powerful message from the disaster-afflicted areas in Tohoku that could be shared with the entire nation of Japan, particularly considering recent times, when innovation has become necessary in Japan’s public domain.</p>



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