Historical Analysis about the Creation and Development of Cereal Foods Markets in Japan

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  • 日本におけるシリアル食品市場の生成・発展に関する史的分析
  • ニホン ニ オケル シリアル ショクヒン シジョウ ノ セイセイ ・ ハッテン ニ カンスル シテキ ブンセキ

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<p>This research presents the history of food market creation and development initiated by the entry of foreign companies.</p> <p>Previous research deals with markets developed immediately after the entry of a foreign company. Naturally, not all new products and markets have developed quickly. The market entry of foreign companies and their outcomes are diverse. Therefore, this study examines the history of cases that took a long time to develop after the market for products was created, starting from the entry of foreign food companies. By taking such cases and carefully tracking their history, it is possible to create a historical snapshot of the development of the market created by the entry of foreign companies.</p> <p>This paper covers the introduction of cereal foods and the development of the market. We examine it from the viewpoint of "creation of product category." This has resulted in changing definitions of product categories for cereal foods, and it has become clear that the product has been “created” many times as a new product category.</p> <p>This research identifies two points:</p> <p>a) Foreign and Japanese companies interacted to create new product categories for new cereal foods and repeatedly attempted to redefine these categories.</p> <p>b) After much trial and error, the cereal food market was finally developed through redefinition as an attractive product category compatible with the local food culture.</p>


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