Organizational Development and Operating Conditions of a NPO to Cope with Marketization of Vacant Properties through Public-Private Partnership

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  • 公民連携による空き家・空き地対策組織の展開と運営実態
  • A case study of NPO Tsuruoka Land-bank
  • NPO法人つるおかランド・バンクを対象として


<p>In recent years, the increase in vacant houses and vacant lots has become a serious problem nationwide. The purpose of this study is to clarify the activities of vacant house / vacant lot countermeasure organizations and the role of specialists through investigation of the NPO Tsuruoka Land-bank. The conclusion is as follows. (1) Utilizing the know-how of the vacant house counseling specialists in the private sector and the administrative staffs in the public sector, the NPO increases the marketability of vacant houses/lots. (2) the NPO’s real-estate related special services are provided and the existing human network are expanded under the leadership of a real-estate transaction specialist and a public sector administrative staff. (3) Tsuruoka City and Tsuruoka Land-bank Secretariat conduct organizational operation and financial support, and member companies of the NPO are in charge of countermeasure activities.</p>


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