Comparison of response of coastal forests to seawater immersion by storm surge with reference to tree species

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  • 高潮による海水浸漬を受けた海岸林における樹種別の応答の比較
  • タカシオ ニ ヨル カイスイ シンシ オ ウケタ カイガンリン ニ オケル ジュ シュベツ ノ オウトウ ノ ヒカク

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<p>In this study, to evaluate the tolerance of broadleaf trees in coastal forests to the coastal environment, the damage of component tree species was investigated on the Osato Matsubara coast in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, which was immersed in seawater by a storm surge. The survey was conducted on 842 trees of nine species that were recorded from an area of 1.35 ha, and their planting locations and survival were examined. Based on the results, when comparing survival rates among tree species located at similar altitudes, the deciduous broadleaf trees Celtis sinensis and Zelkova serrata showed survival rates of more than 89%, which was significantly higher than that of Pinus thunbergii at approximately 38%. The survival rates of evergreen broadleaf trees, such as Cinnamomum camphora and Morella rubra, were approximately the same as that of P. thunbergii.</p>



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