Development of an Exploratory Spherical Power Plant App and Energy Learning Practice with ESD

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  • 全天球型発電所探索アプリの開発およびエネルギー学習における有用性の検討
  • ゼン テンキュウガタ ハツデンショ タンサク アプリ ノ カイハツ オヨビ エネルギー ガクシュウ ニ オケル ユウヨウセイ ノ ケントウ

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<p>In this research, we have developed an Exploratory Spherical Power Plant App that deepens the basic understanding of the power transmission system. In addition, the purpose was to clarify the usefulness and improvement points of this app by practicing and evaluating it in energy learning using the developed app. As a result, it showed the possiblity to develop a power plant search app that explains the main equipment of thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, geothermal power, solar power, wind power plants and fuel cell substations, and presents related data. In addition, it was shown to have potential as a learning material to promote understanding of the mechanism of power generation for the students who were participants. Furthermore, it was suggested that contents such as spherical scenes, materials, and videos may not only provide experiential learning but also promote knowledge supplementation. On the other hand, as possible improvements, examination of the movement method in the spherical scene, expansion of the scene, and improvement of the image quality were mentioned.</p>


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