Carbon Fourteen Ages of Loess Dolls at Xiazhufan, Sangdong Peninsula and Zhaitang, Xishan near beijin, China


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  • 黄土小僧の"放射性炭素年代"について

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There is very fine marine terrace about 20m a.s.l. along the coast of Xiazhufan, northern coast of Shandong Peninsula. This terrace seems to be correlate with the "Hiradoko" terrace (about 120ka) in Japan by its hight. But they say age of this terrace is 23ka because this terrace cut the Malan Loess. So ^<14>C ages of loess dolls at Xiazhufan and Zhaitang (type of the Malan Loess) are dated by Tandetron accelerator mass spectrometer as follows ; Loess doll at Xiazhufan, below 5m from the top of terrace. Sample(bulk) 13130±240y.B.P. NUTA-762 Sample A_1 24130±220y.B.P. NUTA-888 Sample B_1 24450±230y.B.P. NUTA-889 Sample C_1 7150±100y.B.P. NUTA-891 Loess doll at Zhaitang, 1.5〜1.8m to the top of the Malan Terrace. Sample A_2 2480±80y.B.P. NUTA-1093 Sample B_2 2410±80y.B.P. NUTA-1111 Sample C_2 2190±80y.B.P. NUTA-1094 These results have shown ^<14>C ages of loess dolls do not indicate ages of loess formation which include loess dolls. Also, ages mesured in bulk rocks in unable to understand what does its mean because each picking sample A_1,B_1 and C_1 in the same one sample has each age.


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