Concentration and carbon isotopic ratio of the atmospheric carbon dioxide in Nagoya City


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  • 名古屋市東部における大気の二酸化炭素の濃度と同位体比の変化

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In order to understanding about the effect of forest to the movement of carbon in the ecosystem, we measured concentration and carbon isotopic ratio of carbon dioxide of urban air. The air sample was taken into Tedler bag made of polyester film from the canopy of a mixed secondary forest in Nagoya City, central Japan. The experimental term is April, 1997 to February, 1988.The concentration and carbon isotopic ratio of atmospheric carbon dioxide show a negative correlation and range from 325 ppm to 397 ppm and from -11.1‰ to -8.5‰, respectively. The seasonal carbon isotopic ratios of carbon dioxide added as an end member of mixing to initial air are estimated to -23.5‰ in spring (Apr. to Jun.), -24.7‰ in summer (Jul. to Sep.) and -25.0‰ in winter (Oct. to Feb.). The heavier isotopic ratios in spring may be influenced with photosynthesis of forest trees with rapid shoot extantion. In summser the isotopic ratio added into the air did not show a heavy value though photosynthesis was active because the decomposition of organic materials in soil increased.


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