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  • The <14>^C AMS facility of the Nagoya University : achievements and present status of the Tandetron-I

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A Tandetron accelerator mass spectrometer, an apparatus dedicated to high sensitivity radiocarbon (^<14>C) measurements, manufactured by General Ionex Corporation, USA, has been used since 1983 to measure the ^<14>C concentrations of environmental samples as well as ^<14>C dates of geological and archaeological materials, at the Dating and Materials Research Center, Nagoya University. The authors present here a brief review of the present performance and some archaeological and geological applications of the Tandetron-I AMS, as well as a brief introduction to application field of ^<10>Be measurements. After the second AMS machine goes into routine operation, the main purpose of the Tandetron-I AMS will be shifted towards ^<10>Be measurements. Some hardware and software tools are in preparation now for the ^<10>Be measurements.



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