AMS^<14>C dating and dietary analysis for Lal-lo shell midden sites, Philippines


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  • フィリピン、ラロ貝塚群出土遺物のAMS^<14>C年代と出土人骨の食性分析

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Cagayan River, running through Northeast Luzon, is one of the largest rivers in the Philippines. The lower Cagayan basin has Lal-lo shell midden sites, one of the biggest shell middens in Southeast Asia. In this area, shell middens on the river terrace produce Black Pottery belonging to the Iron Age, and the silt layersbelow the shell layer and also shell middens on the limestone hills produce Red Pottery belonging to the Pre-Iron Age. Chronologically it is thought that both Black Pottery and Red Pottery change from a decorated (I) type to a non-decorated (II) type. We presented some dating results at the last annual report. The age of the Black Pottery II phase is from 1900calBP to 1000calBP, and the Red Pottery II phase is older than 3000calBP. To make a detailed chronology, we analyzed four human bones from Catayauan and San Lorenzo. As a result of ^<14>C dating, one human bone from San Lorenzo was from 1800calBP to 1700calBP, three human bones from Catayauan were from 1400calBP to 1200calBP. They belong to the Black Pottery II phase. For dietary analysis, eight human bones and one human bone from Fabrica were analyzed for their δ^<13>C and δ^<15>N values. δ^<13>C and δ^<15>N values from bone collagen provide useful information about food sources, proportions of marine and terrestrial food groups, and their trophic levels as protein sources. Our analytical results show that nine humans were similar to Japanese Jomon people in the Kanto area. And they depended on from 20% to 30% of marine food source. And To make a chronology for the pottery, it is important to know about the age of the pots themselves. So we analyzed the carbon content of the pots to determine their utility as samples for ^<14>C dating. Though there were differences, the Black potteries had enough carbon for AMS dating.


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