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シュペーラー極小期における太陽活動研究 : 年輪中<14>^C濃度測定

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  • Solar activity research of the Sporer minimum

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It is known that the periods when solar activity was extremely weak (so-called grand minima) existed several times in the last 1000 years. It is reported by Kocharov et al. that the solar activity periodicity during the Maunder minimum was not the 11 year variation but the 22 year variation. What does the cycle of 22 years mean? Does the periodicity of 22 years exist also in the minima other than the Maunder minimum? We have investigated the solar activity of the Sporer minimum, which preceded the Maunder minimum, in order to understand the periodicity of solar activity during the minima. Both the liquid scintillation method and the accelerator mass spectrometry method (AMS method) were used for measuring the ^<14>C concentration in annual tree rings.



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