The sedimentation process of recent diatom in Lake Biwa(Summaries of Researches Using AMS)


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  • 琵琶湖における現世珪藻の堆積過程(タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告2002(平成14)年度)

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To estimate the diatom sedimentation process in Lake Biwa, this study examines distinction between the diatom stratigraphy of the recent sediment core with ^<210>Pb dating and the live diatom assemblages in lake water. Although the Southern Basin of Lake Biwa has the high diatom productivity, diatom is difficult to deposit on the sediment because of the discharge to the drainage river. In the northern basin, total diatom concentration in the sediment correlates with the live productivity. In the comparison of diatom order, the Pennales / Centrales ratio of the sediment is higher (1.77-0.82) than the ratio of the lake water (0.09-0.20). Centric genus Cyclotella and pinnate genus Asterionella rarely remain in the sediment, although these genera have high productivity in the northern basin. These results indicate that each diatom receive different effects of dissolution in the sedimentation -process. The deposition and dissolution processes of lake diatom may control silica cycle and the diatom productivity in the lacustrine ecosystem.


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