Radiocarbon dating of Kasuga-gire and Miwa-gire by AMS(Proceedings of the 18^<th> Symposium on Chronological Studies at the Nagoya University Center for Chronological Research in 2005)


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  • 加速器質量分析法による春日切・三輪切の ^<14>C年代測定(第18回名古屋大学年代測定総合研究センターシンポジウム平成17(2005)年度報告)

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Kohitsugire are ancient paper sheets with elegant calligraphy. They were originally leaves of ancient manuscripts written mainly from the 8th to the 15th century. Old manuscripts are rarely discovered as complete books; therefore, kohitsugire can be significant materials for historical studies if the written ages or the calligraphists or both are clarified. Most of kohitsugire have kiwamefuda certificates which identify the calligraphists. It is also a clue about the written age. In this study, we determined the written ages of three kohitsugire (Kasuga-gire traditionally attributed to Taira no Norikane, Miwa-gire attributed to Shunkan, Saigu-no-nyogo-kashugire attributed to Fujiwara no Yukiyoshi) from radiocarbon dating, calligaphical investigation and the kiwamefuda. Comparison of radiocarbon age and the calligraphical feature of each kohitsugire gave fair agreement. The result was, however, in obvious conflict with the age of the calligraphist noted on the kiwamefuda, and showed the doubtful reliability of kiwamefuda.



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