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Status and applications of Tandetron AMS system-II at Nagoya University in 2006(Proceedings of the 19^<th> Symposium on Chronological Studies at the Nagoya University Center for Chronological Research in 2006,Part 2)

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  • 名古屋大学タンデトロン2号機の現状と利用(2006年)(第 19回名古屋大学年代測定総合研究センターシンポジウム平成18(2006)年度報告,第2部)

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A second ^<14>C-AMS system (Model 4130-AMS), built by High Voltage Engineering Europe (HVEE), B.V, The Netherlands, was delivered to Nagoya University in 1996/97. Acceptance tests were completed in January of 1999, and routine measurements began in mid-2000. Since completion of the acceptance tests in early 1999, we have encountered a lot of troubles with the machine, in particular in 2002 (see Fig.1). Since 2002, the machine has relatively worked well, expect for minor problems. However, it should be stressed that even a minor malfunction, ^<14>C measurements are not possible with the system. In fact, the AMS machine was in good condition in the early half of 2006. However, since June in 2006, we had a serious problem with the high voltage generation system. We opened the accelerator tank in October and replaced totally 154 diodes and 5 resistors for the high-voltage generator system used to rectify the AC power source and stabilize the DC current. Thus the number of targets measured was 1115 in 2006, which is almost the half of that in normal year. We also encountered a trouble with a cooling system of the power generator for the analyzing magnets both for high energy and low energy beams. The cooling-water flow for the power generator was disturbed by chemical deposits in the water tube, and was not enough to cool down the generator. Thermo-switch stopped the generator for safety and thus we could not operate the analyzing magnets. We replaced the damaged tubes to new ones. This trouble also limited the number of targets measured.



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