^<14>C dating of wood charcoal fragments excavated from Ohzakai cave site, Himi city, Toyama prefecture, Japan(Proceedings of the 19^<th> Symposium on Chronological Studies at the Nagoya University Center for Chronological Research in 2006,Part 2)

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  • 富山県氷見市大境洞窟遺跡から採取した木質炭化物の ^<14>C年代測定(第19回名古屋大学年代測定総合研究センターシンポジウム平成18(2006)年度報告,第2部)

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Ohzakai cave site, Himi city, Toyama prefecture, Japan, has cultural strata can be divided into six. The lowest stratum includes many Potteries of the middle stage of the Jomon period. This stage has a little cave site when compare to other stage of the Jomon period, we would like to elucidate a question of development of the Ohzakai cave site. At first, in order to decide the starting age of Ohzakai cave site, we have sampled some wood charcoals from the lowest stratum and the base stratum in Ohzakai cave site, and dated by AMS ^<14>C dating. Samples were washed in distilled water by an ultrasonic cleaner, and treated with HC1 and NaOH. Each sample was combusted to CO_2. After purification, the CO_2 gas was reduced with H_2 to graphite. Graphite targets were measured by an accelerator mass spectrometer (HVEE, Model-4130 AMS). As the result, it was introduced around 2900 cal BC, in addition, we regarded this date imply the starting age of the Ohzakai cave site. The number of the cave site of the middle stage of the Jomon period is little in Japan, therefore, this result will be expected as the information to elucidate the transition of cave site of Jomon period.



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