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A Practice Report of the Lecture "Secondary Science Education A" in the First Half of 2002 Academic Year : The Lessons Learned from Science Course Contents in Various Countries

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  • 諸外国における科学教育の学習内容に学ぶ―平成14年度前期「中等理科教育学A」の実践報告―

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本(平成14)年度の「中等理科教育学 A」における「諸外国における科学教育の学習内容に学ぶ」授業実践を、受講生、講義内容、評価の順に、分析・考察してきた。20名の受講生の内、単位を認定できた15名の受講生自身の自己評価、自らを含む講義全体に対する講義評価、教官が行った最終評価、これら3つの評価とも評定でみれば、総てについて、ほぼ良か優に相当し、今回の授業実践はほぼ所定の成果を得たと考えたい。しかし、次年度以降の改善の余地を、遅刻・早退・期日より遅れて提出されたレポートの把握に、また、学生が課題に取り組む時間的な余裕への配慮に、見いだしている。

The lecture "Secondary Science Education A" in 2002 academic year was analyzed and considered from the viewpoints of the attribute of students, course contents, and evaluation. Out of 20 applicants, 15 students got a pass in thid lecture. Judging from a self-evaluation and evaluation of this lecture, which was made by the successful 15 students, and the final evaluation made by the instructor, this lecture were regarded as generally satisfactory. However, there were some problems, such as the tardiness, negligent withdrawal from class, and the management of papers failed to meet the deadline. Moreover, much time was required for students to complete the assignment. In these respects, this lecture has room for improvement.


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