Cell cycle of tsAF8 after heating

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  • 加温後のtsAF8細胞の細胞周期

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Thermotolerance in tsAF8 cells develops during incubation at 34℃ after heating at 45℃, while it is suppressed by the following incubation at a non-permissive temperature of 39.7℃ after the same heating. The incubation temperature after heating may affect the cell cycle and consequently thermotolerance. In the present study, a relationship between the thermotolerance and the cell cycle of tsAF8 was investigated. The cell cycle fractions and DNA synthesis were measured by flow cytometry using double staining with propidium iodide and bromodeoxyuridine. When the tsAF8 cells were heated at 45℃ for 20 min, and thereafter incubated at 34℃, bromodeoxyuridine uptake in the S phase cells (DNA synthesis) was recovered to 65.1% 6 h after the heating, and the cells showed gradual accumulation in the G(2)/M phase. When the cells were incubated at 39.7℃ after heating at 45℃ for 20 min, then showed inhibition of thermotolerance development, the DNA synthesis was recovered to 15.1% temporarily 6 h after the heating, but it became 0% after 12 h, and the cells did not remarkably accumulate in any phases of the cell cycle. This inhibition of DNA synthesis at 39.7℃ was considered to be the result of cell survival decreasing by a step-down heating. However, the relationship between the thermotolerance and the cell cycle was not found out in tsAF8 cells, because the cells did not accumulate in any phases of the cell cycle under the inhibitory condition of thermotolerance.

tsAF8細胞は45℃の加温後34℃で培養すると温熱耐性が速やかに発現するが,加温後,制限温度である39.7℃で培養すると温熱耐性の発現が抑制される。加温後の培養温度が細胞周期に影響し,その結果として温熱耐性発現に影響を与えている可能性があることから,今回,Propidium Iodide(PI)とbromodeoxyuridine(BrdU)でtsAF8細胞を二重染色し,フローサイトメトリーによって温熱耐性と細胞周期の関係の有無について調べた。tsAF8細胞を45℃20分の加温後34℃で培養すると,6時間後にはG(1)期の細胞が減少し,12時間後にはG(2)/M期への蓄積が見られた。しかし,加温後39.7℃で培養した場合には細胞周期の進行がほとんど見られなかった。BrdU の取込みは,加温せずに39.7℃で培養した場合には活発に行われ,また,45℃20分加温後34℃で培養した場合には,6時間後にはBrdUの取り込みは65.1%まで回復した。しかし,温熱耐性発現の抑制が観察される45℃20分加温後39.7℃で培養した場合には,BrdUの取込み量は6時間後に一時的に15.1%に回復するが,12時間後には取込み量はゼロとなった。BrdUの取り込みが阻害されたのはstep-down heatingの現象による細胞生存率の減少が原因だと考えられたが,温熱耐性発現の抑制が観察される条件下では細胞周期の特定の時期への集積がなかったことから,温熱耐性と細胞周期との関係はtsAF8細胞においては見い出されなかった。



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