Alexandria and the Eastern Mediterranean World in the Early Hellenistic Times: Sema, Lighthouse, and Library

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  • 都市アレクサンドリアと初期ヘレニズム時代の東地中海世界 : セーマ・大灯台・図書館
  • トシ アレクサンドリア ト ショキ ヘレニズム ジダイ ノ ヒガシチチュウカイ セカイ : セーマ ・ ダイ トウダイ ・ トショカン

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The newly-founded capital of Alexandria was a vital medium for the Ptolemies to project their power and prestige toward the rival Hellenistic monarchies, though the process of its formation and the nature of the monument errected in the city are still to be ellucidated. In this paper the author reexmines the evidence concerning the three prominent monuments of Alexandira, sema, lighthouse, and library, in order to put them in their proper historical context. These monuments testify the pivotal role of the city in the advent of the new social order of the Hellenistic period.


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