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Minorities “in between” China and Japan : Complexity of legal status and identity

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  • 日本と中国の“はざま”のマイノリティ : 複雑化する法的地位とアイデンティティの葛藤

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Nation states classify their nations and foreigners by nationality, andintegrate people by unifying their languages and cultures. They also territorializeindividual identity by granting nationality. The themes of nationstate and nationality were rather a minor issue in anthropology until recently.This is because studies in anthropology mainly focus on primitive or tribalsocieties which existed much earlier before the birth of nation states. Therefore,the term minority is often used to describe aborigines or groups of peoplewho share ethnic and cultural characteristics, and who often have a firmidentity base on these. This article, rather, pays attention to nation states,and focuses on the minorities who cross borders or transfer their nationalitydue to political events occurring among the nation states related to them.In particular, I study three groups of people who have been affected by Sino-Japanese relations. These are stateless overseas Chinese, Taiwanese, andwar orphans resident in Japan, whom I term “minorities in between Chinaand Japan.” The historical transitions causing them to be minorities will bedescribed, and the complexity of their nationalities and identities will be analyzed.




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