A Study of English-Taught Courses in China’s Research Universities <Note>

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  • 中国の研究大学における英語による授業の開設 : 学生への調査とインタビューの分析結果を手がかりとして <研究ノート>
  • 中国の研究大学における英語による授業の開設 : 学生への調査とインタビューの分析結果を手がかりとして
  • チュウゴク ノ ケンキュウ ダイガク ニ オケル エイゴ ニ ヨル ジュギョウ ノ カイセツ : ガクセイ エ ノ チョウサ ト インタビュー ノ ブンセキ ケッカ オ テガカリ ト シテ

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This paper examines English-taught courses in China’s research universities through an analysis of four surveys and selected student interviews at four Chinese research universities between October 2011 and April 2012. The study solicits Chinese students’ views on the provision of English-taught courses in their universities or faculties and probes issues related to the development of these courses. The paper consists of the followings sections: (1) background on changes in policy and strategy on English-taught courses in Chinese universities since the early 1990s; (2) the conceptual work informing the study as well as the characteristics of survey respondents; (3) results of the analysis of key data from the surveys and interviews, including variation by discipline; (4) a conclusion identifying the primary characteristics of the English-taught courses in China’s research universities, and recommendation for strategies to address future implementation of these courses. The author argues that among various issues, one of the biggest challenges facing Chinese students is how to enhance their level of English language proficiency.


  • 大学論集

    大学論集 44 243-254, 2013-03


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