Long-term Population Statistics of Russia, 1867-2002

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  • ロシアの長期人口統計
  • ロシア ノ チョウキ ジンコウ トウケイ

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The aims of this study are (1) to overview statistical systems and the methods of maintaining population statistics in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, (2) to provide population statistics in territorial unit comparable to the Russian Federation based on primary materials, and (3) to take a general view of long-term population dynamics from the late Imperial era to the new Russian Federation. The gap between previous researches dealing with population during the imperial periods and that which examines the period after the October revolution is very large, and few studies utilized primary data in investigating population figures of the imperial era. First, this study focuses on the institutional background of maintaining of population statistics in the Russia Empire, and then examines the population statistics systems after the establishment of the Soviet government. In estimating population and collecting archive data, this paper devoted efforts to utilizing primary materials consistently, and to adjusting all the territories in accordance with those of the Russian Federation. Thus, this study provides a fundamentally necessary information for investigating historical development processes in Russia.


  • 経済研究

    経済研究 59 (1), 74-93, 2008-01-25


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