Factors influencing the learning of understanding children among students and its relationship with practicum experience in kindergartens.

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  • 学生の子ども理解に関する学びに影響を与える要因 : 幼稚園教育実習の経験との関連から
  • ガクセイ ノ コドモ リカイ ニ カンスル マナビ ニ エイキョウ オ アタエル ヨウイン : ヨウチエン キョウイク ジッシュウ ノ ケイケン ト ノ カンレン カラ

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Kindergarten teachers' training curriculum states that practicum involves direct interaction with children, which is an important opportunity for one to deepen his/her understanding of children. Therefore, in this study, we conducted semi-structured interviews with nine students who had completed their practicum in kindergartens and examined how those experiences influenced their learning of understanding children. This study revealed 3 main findings. Firstly, some students focused on “child” while others focused on “nonchild”. Secondly, the former group had a deeper understanding of children than the latter group in terms of their learning. And lastly, the learning of understanding children involves “understanding children as a whole” and “understanding the interaction with children”. In addition, it also suggested that students' perception of kindergarten's childcare policy, practicum training policy and instructions have all contributed to the differences in their learning contents.


  • 子ども発達臨床研究

    子ども発達臨床研究 15 11-30, 2021-03-25

    Research and Clinical Center for Child Development, Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University

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