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子どもをとりまく消費文化に関する教育実践ニーズ ―小,中,高校における教員への調査より―

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  • コドモ オ トリマク ショウヒ ブンカ ニ カンスル キョウイク ジッセン ニーズ : ショウ,ナカ,コウコウ ニ オケル キョウイン エ ノ チョウサ ヨリ

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Children today have opportunities to use various media with Internet access, including computers, mobile phones, and games. At the same time, consumer concerns related to children’s access to the Internet are likewise increasing. Education regarding safe media usage is urgently needed. However, current educational support is not enough because children have higher attention than adults, and the trend changes rapidly. This study reveals the reality and challenges of consumer culture classes in elementary and in junior and senior high schools. The results of the study show that many teachers in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools used mobile phones(PHS phones, feature phones, smartphones) and computers with a certain level of knowledge and experience regarding consumer culture. However, their knowledge regarding specific crimes was not sufficient. The differences in the gender, school level, or course of study were not significant; but on the other hand, their knowledge and experience consumer culture seemed to decrease as their educational level, experience, and age increased. The teachers themselves also had concerns about their own lack of knowledge and experience, which eventually hindered their educational practices with children.


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