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Uniform page migration problem in Euclidean space



The page migration problem in Euclidean space is revisited. In this problem, online requests occur at any location to access a single page located at a server. Every request must be served, and the server has the choice to migrate from its current location to a new location in space. Each service costs the Euclidean distance between the server and request. A migration costs the distance between the former and the new server location, multiplied by the page size. We study the problem in the uniform model, in which the page has size D = 1. All request locations are not known in advance; however, they are sequentially presented in an online fashion. We design a 2.75-competitive online algorithm that improves the current best upper bound for the problem with the unit page size. We also provide a lower bound of 2.732 for our algorithm. It was already known that 2.5 is a lower bound for this problem. © 2016 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


  • Algorithms

    Algorithms 9 (3), 57-, 2016-08-23



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