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Moral Education and the Ethics of Care

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  • 道徳教育とケアの倫理
  • ドウトク キョウイク ト ケア ノ リンリ

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本稿では、道徳教育におけるケアの倫理の在り方を検討する。教育学者ノディングズのケアの倫理は、関わり合いの中での受容性や相互性を重視する。一方、クーゼは看護倫理の立場から、ケア一元論ではなく、患者にとっての最善と社会的正義を同時に追求できる選好功利主義を対置する。特に道徳判断力形成にとっては、二者択一的なモラルジレンマよりも、医療倫理にみられるようなケーススタディをモデルとしたモラルジレンマ解決のための対話が必要である。@@@This paper examines the value of the ethics of the care about moral education. The important features of It is important for Noddings's ethics of care are receptivity and reciprocity and their relationship in relatedness. On the other hand, from the position of nursing ethics, Kuhse criticizes Noddings's care-monism, and counterposes preference - utilitarianism which can pursue the best for the patient and social justice simultaneously instead. Based criticism of Kuhse's care- monism, I examine the ethics of care in moral education. The formation of moral judgement needs the dialogue of those who faces morals dilemma rather than the monologue at alternative sellection. Espicially I would like to show that case study which is seen by medical ethics is helpful in moral education too.




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