Japanese Adaptation of the Adult Disorganized Attachment Scale in Romantic Relationships

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  • 恋愛関係における成人無秩序型アタッチメント尺度の日本語版作成
  • レンアイ カンケイ ニ オケル セイジン ムチツジョガタ アタッチメント シャクド ノ ニホンゴバン サクセイ

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<p>This study aimed to develop a Japanese version of the Adult Disorganized Attachment (ADA) scale for romantic relationships. The target of the analyses was 183 college students who had experienced romantic relationships. The study found that (a) adult attachment disorganization measured by the ADA consisted of one component and had sufficient internal consistency, and (b) adult attachment disorganization had a unique influence on aggression and depression, in addition to the effect of attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. Therefore, the Japanese version of the ADA demonstrated adequate psychometric properties of reliability and validity.</p>



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