Software Development and Practice to Acquire Knowledge about the Golden Ratio into the Logo Design


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  • ロゴデザインに黄金比を用いる知識を学ぶソフトウェアの開発と実践


<p>This paper is about the development and practice of a software to acquire knowledge about the golden ratio into the logo design. The golden ratio is found in anything from natural objects to ancient buildings, and in recent years we have been it used in logo design as well. We collected and analyzed logo with Python and Adobe Illustrator to investigate how the golden ratio is used in logo design. The result, we found out that there are several logos that used the golden ratio, and they tend to be designed refer to figures with the property of the golden ratio. Based on the results of the analysis, we developed a software. That has explanations how to use the golden ratio in logo design and functions to practice design their own logos using the golden ratio. We distributed the software to the students, and commission them to do the logo design before and after the use of the software. The result, there was a tendency to think about the composition based on golden ratio after the use of the software. At the end, we considered about the effectiveness of the software from this research result.</p>



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