Japan-France comparative research series of industry-government-academia collaboration cluster : case J3 cosmetic cluster in Karatsu City and Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture in Japan 2018 survey

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  • 産官学連携クラスターの日仏比較研究シリーズ : 事例J3:佐賀県唐津市・玄海町コスメティック・クラスター2018年度調査
  • サンカンガク レンケイ クラスター ノ ニチフツ ヒカク ケンキュウ シリーズ : ジレイ J 3 サガケン カラツシ ゲンカイチョウ コスメティック クラスター 2018ネンド チョウサ
  • サン カンガク レンケイ クラスター ノ ニチフツ ヒカク ケンキュウ シリーズ(ジレイ J 3)サガケン カラツシ ・ ゲンカイマチ コスメティック ・ クラスター 2018ネンド チョウサ
  • 産官学連携クラスターの日仏比較研究シリーズ : 事例J3佐賀県唐津市玄海町コスメティッククラスター2018年度調査

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This paper is a research note on the cosmetic clusters in Karatsu City and Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture (Series J 3), and describes the results of two surveys conducted in 2018. For some time, the region has had the resources necessary for the formation of a cluster, such as geographical advantages to the Asian market, the existence of a small-scale cluster consisting of three companies, active primary industries that provide raw materials for cosmetics, and the existence of research institutes such as medicinal plant cultivation laboratories and universities. The catalyst for the formation of the cluster was the selection of the region by France's Cosmetic Valley in 2011 as its strategic partner in Asia. The cluster was formed in 2011 when France's Cosmetic Valley selected the region as a strategic partner for Asia. The Japan Cosmetic Center (JCC), which was established as the driving force behind the formation of the international cosmetic cluster and consists of related companies, universities and other research institutions, government agencies, and producers, plays a major role in maintaining and forming the cluster.


  • 評論・社会科学

    評論・社会科学 (139), 107-127, 2021-12-31

    The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University

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