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Research of teaching astronomical observation using a color camera Using the Internet telescope, constellation camera i-CAN, etc.

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  • カラーカメラを用いた天体観察学習の研究 : インターネット望遠鏡や星座カメラi-CAN等を利用して
  • カラーカメラ オ モチイタ テンタイ カンサツ ガクシュウ ノ ケンキュウ インターネット ボウエンキョウ ヤ セイザ カメラ i CAN トウ オ リヨウ シテ

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<p>Up to now the teaching of astronomical observation in school was quite difficult. Since the constellation camera and the Internet telescope have been developed (they produce images through on the screen of personal computer) astronomical observation can be learned in real time. Previously the Internet telescope was used and it only produced monochrome picture. Today, however, telescope performing astronomical photography can produce color images with one shot. As a result it is now possible to observe enlargement of parts of color image in real time. It is now suggested that the use of color images, rather than monochrome images, will stimulated much more interest among pupils and help them increase their understanding of the differences produced in these color stellar images.</p>


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