Effects of Compassion-Based Classroom Group Intervention

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  • コンパッションに基づく心理学的学級介入プログラムの効果の検討

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This study investigated the effect of a compassion-based psychological intervention for junior high school students in classroom settings. One hundred and fifty-nine junior high school students (mean age = 12.59 years, SD = 0.49) participated in four weekly sessions of a compassion-based psychological intervention conducted in classroom settings. Changes in self-ratings and behavioural observations of compassion assessed the intervention effects. Although self-rating measures of compassion were not influenced by the intervention, behavioural observations indicated that frequencies of 'helping behaviours' and 'interpersonal interactions' increased from pretest to posttest. Furthermore, more students evaluated the classroom atmosphere as 'warm' at posttest compared to pretest. This compassion-based intervention is partially effective in junior high school students.


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