Practice of Superselective Transarterial Infusion Therapy of High-dose Cisplatin with Concomitant Irradiation on Head and Neck Cancers; Focused on the Maxillary Cancer

  • Kanoto Masafumi
    Department of Radiology, Division of Diagnostic Radiology, Yamagata University Graduate School of Medical Science Medicine

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  • 頭頸部癌に対する超選択的動注化学放射線同時併用療法の実際
  • -上顎洞癌を中心に-

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Superselective transarterial infusion therapy of high-dose cisplatin with concomitant irradiation is to infuse cisplatin to tumor feeding arteries directly via a catheter. Sodium thiosulfate which is a neutralizer of cisplatin facilitates this method performed. Malignant head and neck tumors are a good indication for this method. In particular, maxillary cancer is particularly suitable indication. In this article, we describe the practice and efficacy of this method in detail.



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