Development of a simple and rapid method for determining coliforms in wastewater based on fluorogenic enzymatic substrate

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  • 特定酵素蛍光基質を用いた下水中の大腸菌群の簡易迅速測定法の開発
  • トクテイ コウソ ケイコウキシツ オ モチイタ カスイチュウ ノ ダイチョウキングン ノ カンイ ジンソク ソクテイホウ ノ カイハツ

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<p> Coliform group has been used as a microbiological indicator in sewage effluent. Numbers of coliform group are generally enumerated using a solid agar medium with an inhibitor to prevent growth of other organisms. However, this method requires laborious and time-consuming preparation steps and a long incubation period. Therefore, a novel method was developed for the simple and rapid enumeration of numbers of coliform group in sewage samples in this study. In the method, the time-course changes in fluorescence intensity of the fluorogenic substrate catalyzed by the coliform group were measured and numbers of coliform group were enumerated using strong correlation with fluorescent intensity. The method is quite simple, i.e., only mixing sewage samples with the fluorogenic substrate in the wells of a microtiter plate without dilution and incubating it in a microtiter plate reader. It enables to enumerate ca. 200 MPN/mL or higher numbers of the coliform group in a sample taken from a secondary clarifier within 2 hours.</p>


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