Materials for Middle Skull Base Reconstruction

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  • 中頭蓋底再建材料
  • チュウ ズガイテイ サイケン ザイリョウ

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<p>Temporal bone lesions, including cholesteatoma, tumors, and meningoencephaloceles, sometimes involve the skull base of the middle cranial fossa. Bone defects in the skull base of the middle cranial fossa may be associated with impairment of the dura mater and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) otorrhea. A variety of techniques have been used for repair of the dura mater and/or skull base bone, and reconstruction may be performed with autologous or artificial materials through the transmastoid, middle fossa, or combined approach. Management of skull base defects in the middle cranial fossa is an area of continued innovation. Herein, we review materials and strategies for the reconstruction of the skull base of the middle cranial fossa.</p>



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